Junior Colleges in West Godavari District

West Godavari District is in Andhra Pradesh, India. The following is a list of junior colleges in West Godavari District:

  1. SRS REDDY Vocational Junior College, Tadepalligudem, cell: 9441448008
  2. Spoorthi Junior College,Koyyalagudem
  3. Government Junior College, Tadepalligudem
  4. Government Junior College, Tadepalligudem
  5. Government Junior College, Tadepalligudem
  6. A.P.S.W.R. Junior College For Boys, Tadepalligudem
  7. Brilliants Junior College, Tadepalligudem
  8. Government Junior College For Boys, Palakol
  9. Government Junior College For Girls, Palakol
  10. Sri Gowtami Junior College, Palakol
  11. Government Junior College, Tanuku
  12. Dr.C.S.N. Junior College, Bhimavaram
  13. Browning Junior College, Bhimavaram
  14. Aditya Junior College, Bhimavaram
  15. Pragathi Junior College China Amiram, Bhimavaram
  16. Sri Krishna Deveraya Jr College Sunday Market, Bhimavaram
  17. K.Kusumeswara Rao Junior College Bank Colony, Bhimavaram
  18. Vijetha Junior College Sree Ramapuram, Bhimavaram
  19. D.N.R. College, Bhimavaram
  20. Luthern Sahakara Kalasala, Bhimavaram
  21. The Mogaltur Co-Op. Jr College, Mogaltur
  22. The Lankala Koderu Sahakara Junior Kalasala, Bhimavaram
  23. Open Admission Government Junior College, Lingapalem
  24. S.P.B.M.Sahakara Junior Kalasala, Irayavaram
  25. Andhra Association (U.K.) Junior College, Penumantra
  26. Dr.S.R.K. & A.K.R. Co-Op. Junior College, Unguturu
  27. Sir C.R.R. College, Eluru
  28. Sir C.R.R. College For Girls, Eluru
  29. S.V.R.K. Co-Op. Junior College, Devarapalli
  30. De-Paul Co-Op. Junior College, Eluru
  31. Sri Surya Junior College, Eluru
  32. Vidya Vikas Junior College, Eluru
  33. Siddartha Junior College, Eluru
  34. Sri Sai Chaitanya Junior College, Eluru
  35. Ch.S.D.St.Therasa's College For Women, Eluru
  36. Sri Y.N. College, Narsapur
  37. Sri Gowthami Junior College, Narsapuram
  38. Sri Ramakrishna Junior College, Narsapur
  39. B.G.B.S. Women's Junior College, Narsapur
  40. St.Mary's Nirmal Hrudaya Junior College (Girls), Devarapalli
  41. Government Junior College For Boys, Kovvuru
  42. Government Junior College For Girls, Kovvuru
  43. Government Junior College For Boys, Nidadavolu
  44. Modern Roof Government Junior College For Girls, Nidadavolu
  45. Sri Helapuri Junior College, Eluru
  46. A.P.S.W.R. Junior College For Girls, Eluru
  47. A.P.S.W.R. Junior College For Boys, Pedavegi
  48. Parousia Sarvotham Junior College, Nidadavolu
  49. Government Junior College, Eluru
  50. Sri Venkateswara Junior College, Bhimadolu
  51. J.M.J. Junior College For Girls, Pedapadu
  52. A.P.S.W.R. Junior College For Girls, Bhimadolu
  53. Government Junior College, Koyyalagudem
  54. Government Junior College, Chintalapudi
  55. Sri Venkateswara Junior College, Kamavarapukota
  56. Chaitanya Bharathi Junior College, Chintalapudi
  57. M.G. GovernmentJunior College, Unguturu
  58. S.C.B.R. Government Junior College, Ganapavaram
  59. Chanakya Junior College, Ganapavaram
  60. Kasturba GovernmentJunior College, Bhimavaram
  61. S.V.S.S. Government Junior College, Attili
  62. M.V.R. Government Junior College, Achanta
  63. A.K.P.S. Government Junior College, Akivedu
  64. Sri Vasavi Sarada Junior College, Akivedu
  65. K.G.R.L. Junior College, Bhimavaram
  66. S.D.S.GovernmentJunior College, Jangareddygudem
  67. Dr. G.V.Subbayamma Junior College, Gopalapuram
  68. A.P.R. Junior College For (S.T.) Girls, Buttaigudem
  69. Triveni Junior College, Jangareddygudem
  70. Surya Junior College, Jangareddygudem
  71. Government Junior College, Polavaram
  72. S.V.K.P. & P.V. Junior College, Penugonda
  73. K.V.M. Chambers Junior College, Palakol
  74. Rice Miller's Junior College, Palakol
  75. S.N.V.T Government Junior College, Tanuku
  76. B.S.V.R. Junior College, Peravali
  77. Gowtham Junior College, Tanuku
  78. Sri Krishnaveni Junior College, Tanuku
  79. Purnodaya Junior College, Penumantra
  80. Sasi Junior College, Undrajavaram
  81. Government Junior College, Yelamanchili
  82. V.E.C. Junior College, Veeravasaram
  83. S.P.D.B.T. Junior College, Eluru
  84. B.S.J.V.R.R. Junior College, Tadepalligudem
  85. Surya Junior College, Gopalapuram
  86. Dr. Goenka Women's Junior College, Tadepalligudem
  87. Government Junior College, Tallapudi
  88. Government Junior College, Undi
  89. Government Junior College, TadepalligudemGovernment Junior College, Pedapadu
  90. Gollu Venkanna Mahila Junior College, Bhimavaram
  91. Smt. Konapati Sarojini Devi Mahila Kalasala, Tanuku
  92. N.S.R.K. Women's Junior College, Eluru
  93. Katyayini Junior College, Eluru
  94. Vidyasagar Junior College, Thadepalligudem
  95. Siddartha Junior College, Tanuku
  96. A.P.T.W. Junior College (Boys), Koyyalagudem
  97. S.R.Co-Operative Junior College, Tadepalligudem
  98. The Palakoderu Mandal Co-Op. Junior College, Palakoderu
  99. Allada Ramaiah Junior College, Nallajerla
  100. Pragati Junior College, Tanuku
  101. Adarsa Junior College, Tanuku
  102. Sri Sai Junior College, Tanuku
  103. Sri Gowthami Junior College, Gopalapuram
  104. K.P.R. Siddartha Junior College, Pedapadu
  105. V.S.N. Junior College, Koyyalagudem
  106. Vivekananda Voc Junior College-Jangareddy Gudem
  107. Dr.M.G.K. Reddy Degree College-Jangareddy Gudem

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