Judicial Appointments Commission - Staff


The JAC is run by a staff of under 70. There are two Directorates - Operational and Selection Exercise, between them they make up the functions to run the JAC and exercises for the selection of judges to the Courts and Tribunals. Selection Exercises teams run exercises and currently number 5 teams. The Candidate Services Team are the public face of the JAC. They handle all applications, booking panels for selection days and running the Front of House for the selection days. The JAC also has an Outreach and Programming section which deals with seminars, the media, advertisements and planning the number of exercises, when and how they are held. The Chief Executive is Nigel Reeder. The Operational Director is John Rodley and the Selecion Exercise Director is Sarah Gane. Despite initial doubts about the JAC, they have proved to deliver successful exercises with quality candidates appointed to the High Court, Queens Council, Senior Circuit Judge and numerous Tribunals. The JAC treats all candidates equally regardless of legal experience, age or ethnicity.

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