Judi Spiers

Judi Spiers (born Judith Marilyn Spiers, 15 March 1953) is a British radio and television presenter.

Spiers began her broadcasting career at Westward Television in 1977, then the ITV station for south-west England. She impressed in the birthday slot with Gus Honeybun with cheeky humour. In short order, she moved to the What's Ahead entertainment guide. She hosted local beauty contests Mr TSW and Miss TSW, reflecting the new south-west station TSW TSW produced a nationally-networked daytime chat show Judi!, which ran for six editions.

Eventually, Spiers moved to national television, presenting BBC1's access television programme Open Air from 1986, and its daily magazine programme Pebble Mill from 1992 to 1995. She also hosted a Saturday afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 between 1994 and 1998. Spiers continued to work for TVS, presenting the networked show Scavenger Hunt.

Spiers has presented the morning show on BBC Radio Devon since 2005.