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Justice Department Issue Weapons

Judges are only able to carry two weapons at a time: a primary (the Lawgiver) and a secondary (Arbitrator, Lawrod, or Stumm gas grenades). If a weapon is depleted of ammo, it is no longer usable and must be replaced by a newly picked up weapon.

  • Lawgiver Mark 3: The Lawgiver, the Justice Department's standard sidearm, is the Judges' main weapon. It holds six types of ammunition in the same magazine. Ammo selection is controlled by voice activation. A glitch in the game means that the remaining ammo in the current ammo mode has to have the same capacity as the new ammo mode or the magazine will not switch to the new ammo type unless the player changes the magazine.
    • Standard: This is the basic bullet and provides average damage. When firing Standard ammunition, the Lawgiver can fire 5-round bursts. Each magazine holds 64 Standard bullets.
    • Armor Piercing: Fires a bullet strong enough to pierce any type of armor or cover (as well as the enemies hiding behind it). They are most effective against Vampires. Each magazine holds 32 Armor-Piercing bullets.
    • Ricochet: This rubber-coated bullet does mediocre damage but can stun its targets, allowing them to be arrested. It also has the ability to ricochet between walls to hit multiple targets in an enclosed area or hit targets behind cover, proving useful in tight situations. Each magazine holds 32 Ricochet bullets.
    • Incendiary: This bullet does mediocre damage but sets the target ablaze. Undead, like Vampires and Zombies, are supposed to be more vulnerable to fire damage but just walk around on fire. Each magazine holds 8 Incendiary bullets.
    • High Explosive: This bullet does blast damage to its target; Dredd must be careful with this mode because it can also affect him. Each magazine holds 8 High Explosive shots.
    • Heat Seeker: This bullet locks onto heat sources to hit the target effectively. Each magazine holds 8 Heat Seeker shots.
  • Arbitrator shotgun: Able to annihilate an armored person when used in close range although it does less damage when fired at long range. It has a 12-shell magazine.
  • Lawrod Rifle: It is similar to the Lawgiver Mark 3 except it has a stock, scope, and a longer barrel to give it greater accuracy and range. It has two firing modes. The first is a scoped semi-automatic sniper weapon that fires high-velocity rounds and can zoom in on distant targets. The other is an assault rifle that fires in automatic bursts. It has a 32-round magazine that fires Armor-Piercing bullets.
  • Stumm Gas Grenade: Used by Street Judges, it does minimal damage but causes enemies to choke and lose consciousness. Mostly useful for capturing enemies alive so they can be arrested. The player gets three at the beginning of each level.

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