Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death - Gameplay


In the single player campaign, you play as Judge Dredd through 11 levels. The campaign essentially plays like a straightforward first-person shooter, with objectives, usable weapons, and enemies to defeat. Dredd goes through the city stopping criminals and undead vampires. Players can play through the campaign on either Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty. Also available is the ability to play the game cooperatively with a friend on any difficulty level. Players have a 'law meter' in their HUD, which determines how well Dredd is doing as a protector. If you shoot/kill criminals who do not shoot you first, shoot them without challenging them, or if you challenge them and they give up, your law meter goes down. Another way your law meter goes down is if you shoot innocent people or other judges. If the entire meter goes down, you fail the mission. After each campaign mission, you get either a Cadet, Rookie, Street Judge, Senior Judge, or Judge Dredd rank. With each level you complete, you unlock at least one playable multiplayer character, or more depending on how well you do. You can also unlock new maps by doing the same thing.

Aside from the campaign, there is an arcade league and a multiplayer mode. In the arcade league, similar to the TimeSplitters games, you complete various challenges, earning cheat codes for each one completed with a high rank. You are ranked with the same levels as the single player mode. There are 12 arcade challenges to unlock. In the multiplayer mode, you can play with up to 3 friends, and/or up to 12 computer controlled players in the deathmatch-type games. Without bots, you can play non-deathmatch related games. Online play was not supported by any platform except for PC.

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