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Timeline Of The 2007–08 South-West Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Timeline of Events - December
... UTC - Météo-France declares 96S.INVEST as Tropical Disturbance 04R ... December 0900 ... UTC - The JTWC designates Tropical Disturbance 04R, south-southwest of Diego Garcia as Tropical Cyclone 06S ... December 0600 ... UTC - Météo-France upgrades Tropical Disturbance 04R to Tropical Depression 04R ...
Timeline Of The 2008–09 South-West Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - February
... February 1200 ... UTC - Méteo-France designates a low pressure area east-northeast of Réunion as an Area of Disturbed Weather 08-20082009 ... February 0600 ... UTC - Méteo-France upgrades Area of Disturbed Weather 08-20082009 to Tropical Disturbance 08-20082009 ... February 0000 ... UTC - Méteo-France upgrades Tropical Disturbance 08-20082009 to Tropical Depression 08-20082009 ...

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    We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave.
    Irving Berlin (1888–1989)

    Let’s call something a rigid designator if in every possible world it designates the same object, a non-rigid or accidental designator if that is not the case. Of course we don’t require that the objects exist in all possible worlds.... When we think of a property as essential to an object we usually mean that it is true of that object in any case where it would have existed. A rigid designator of a necessary existent can be called strongly rigid.
    Saul Kripke (b. 1940)