Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams may refer to:

  • Joseph Williams (composer) (c. 1800–1834), English composer and coal-miner
  • Joseph Williams (justice) (1801–1870), Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court
  • Joseph Williams (musician) (born 1960), rock singer and film score composer
  • Joseph G. Williams (born 1920), songwriter known for his work in country music
  • Joseph H. Williams (1814–1896), former Governor of Maine
  • Joseph Lanier Williams (1810–1865), U.S. Representative from Tennessee
  • Joseph M. Williams (1933–2008), professor of English and author
  • Joseph P. Williams (1915–2003), creator of the BankAmericard in 1958
  • Joseph R. Williams (1808–1861), Michigan politician and first president of what is now Michigan State University
  • Joseph Powell Williams (1840–1904), English Liberal and Liberal Unionist politician
  • Joseph Williams (bishop) (1857–1934), Bishop of St John's, South Africa

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    It is alive, venomous
    it smiles grimly
    its words cut—
    —William Carlos Williams (1883–1963)

    If you tie a horse to a stake, do you expect he will grow fat? If you pen an Indian up on a small spot of earth, and compel him to stay there, he will not be contented, nor will he grow and prosper. I have asked some of the great white chiefs where they get their authority to say to the Indian that he shall stay in one place, while he sees white men going where they please. They can not tell me.
    —Chief Joseph (c. 1840–1904)