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Important Cases

Because of his expertise in anaesthesia, Clover was often sought out when important figures required surgery. He gave chloroform to Napoleon III of France on 2 January 1873, at Chislehurst, Kent, and again on 6 January, for a procedure to break up a bladder stone. The Emperor died on 9 January. Clover was a signatory to his autopsy report, together with five other physicians.

Clover gave chloroform to Alexandra of Denmark, who was then the Princess of Wales, in 1867, for the removal of a splint from a rheumatic knee, and later anaesthetised her husband Edward VII (who was then Prince of Wales) in 1877, for an operation to drain an abscess which was attributed to a hunting injury.

Clover also administered general anaesthesia to Sir Robert Peel, Florence Nightingale and Sir Erasmus Wilson.

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