Joseph Harding

Joseph Harding (22 March 1805 in Sturton Farm, Wanstrow, Somerset, England – 1 May 1876 in Vale Court Farm, Marksbury, Somerset) was responsible for the introduction of modern cheese making techniques and has been described as the "father of Cheddar cheese". He is credited with having invented the "definite formula" for the production of cheddar cheese.

A number of websites describe him as the inventor of the Cheese Mill. It is unclear if this assertion is true. The cheese mill is different from the cheese press, which has been used traditionally for centuries. Certainly Harding introduced new equipment into the process of cheese making, including a "revolving breaker" for curd cutting, which saved much manual effort.

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Cheddar Cheese - History
... and standardisation of Cheddar cheese was the nineteenth century Somerset dairyman Joseph Harding ... Harding introduced new equipment into the process of cheese making, including his "revolving breaker" for curd cutting, saving much manual effort ... The "Joseph Harding method" was the first modern system for Cheddar production based upon scientific principles ...

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