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Political Parties

Jordan's most executive power is the King and it is a constitutional monarchy with an appointed government. The King traditionally has held substantial power, however the democratically elected Parliament holds significant influence and power in national governance.

The reforms of 1989 legalized political parties and opposition movements. The result is over 30 political parties, but the only political party that plays a role in the legislature is the Islamic Action Front (IAF). Political parties can be seen to represent four sections: Islamists, leftists, secular Arab nationalists and liberals. Some other political parties in Jordan including the Jordanian Arab Democratic Party, Jordanian Socialist Party, and Muslim Centre Party, but these have little impact on the political process because of lack of organization and clear platforms on key domestic issues as well as differences and factions within these political parties. There is also the Hirak which is a secular youth movement that developed in 2011 in response to the revolutions sweeping the Middle East as an activist movement to push for reforms in Jordan while maintaining the Hashemite monarchy. Although an influential political force in Jordan, the Islamic Action Front is only estimated to represent 12% of Jordanians and they derive their support mainly from the urbanized Palestinian poor.

Ar Ramtha
Karak Aqaba Azraq Deir Alla Irbid
Jerash Madaba Mafraq Ma'an Ruwaished
Shoubak Tafilah Petra Salt Wadi Rum
Zarqa Administrative centers in Jordan

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