Jonathas Granville

Pierre Joseph Marie Granville, known as Jonathas Granville (possibly 1785-1841) was a Haitian soldier. He was born a free mulatto in Santo Domingo. He was a musician and poet, skilled swordsman, experienced diplomat, and civil servant. He later worked in the United States, promoting the emigration of free Blacks to Haiti.

Under Emperor Napoleon, Granville served as a junior officer during the emperor's campaigns in Germany, France, and Austria. Granville was regarded as elegant and refined, a man of knowledge and virtue.

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Jonathas Granville - Family
... Jonathas Granville married Louise Sarasin, a cousin of President Boyer, on November 24, 1817 in Port-au-Prince Haiti ... Victoire Jonathine (1818) and Henri Theodore Granville (1825) ... written between Boyer and his father as well as personal notes of Granville ...