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Jolt Cola Worldwide

Jolt Cola is also manufactured under license in Chantilly, Pittsburgh, Australia, Sweden and formerly (and briefly) in the United Kingdom. The German and Swedish supplier uses the old logos, branding and formulation, and only sells the original flavor. Jolt Cola is also available in the Netherlands and Finland. However, Jolt Cola Netherlands is a subsidiary of Jolt Cola Germany.

In Ireland, Jolt Cola is sold in 500 ml bottles in most Eurospars and Dunnes Stores, it is also very popular in universities and is sold in the Dublin Institute of Technology's (DIT) student unions.

In Sweden and The Netherlands, Jolt cola is heavily associated with LAN parties.

In Australia, ("bottled under the authority of the Jolt Company Inc. by Jolt Corporation Australia Pty Ltd, 1 Barrpowell Rd Welland" South Australia) Jolt is sold in the traditional cola flavor, as well as lime, root beer, cream soda, and orange flavors. It generally comes in 615 mL bottles, with 196 mg of caffeine. In 2006 bottle capacities were reduced to 600 mL (in some cases, without vendors being aware of the change). With a caffeine concentration of 32 mg per 100 mL, these bottles contain a claimed 192 mg.

Jolt Cola was also available in Japan in the late 1980s and early 1990s, through the local distributorship of UCC Ueshima Coffee Co. In the mid-1990s, it also made headway into Pakistan, but could not survive the competition.

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