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The story of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure centers around the misadventures of the Joestars, a powerful family with English roots. Each member of the bloodline has a star shaped birthmark above their left shoulder blade – Dio Brando, the original nemesis of the Joestar family, and his descendants have this distinguishable mark also, a result from Dio's 'theft' of Jonathan Joestar's body and inheriting the Joestar genes as well. The series spans several generations, with each part featuring a descendent of the Joestars as the main protagonist along with a large cast of characters.

The series' title is a reference to the fact that each part's main character's name can be read as JoJo. A nickname derived by putting together the letters "J" and "O" from their first and last names. Later installments have additional variations on the JoJo wordplay. For example, in the name Josuke, the Japanese character representing "suke" can also be read as "Jo", likewise in the Italian name Giorno, "Gio" is pronounced very similar to "Jo".

Part 1
Phantom Blood (ファントムブラッド, Fantomu Buraddo?)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volumes 1 to 5. Takes place in 1880s Britain. The main protagonist is Jonathan Joestar.
Part 2
Battle Tendency (戦闘潮流, Sentō Chōryū?)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volumes 5 to 12. Begins in New York City, moves briefly to Mexico, then to Italy, and finally it ends in Switzerland, during the year 1938. The main protagonist is Joseph Joestar, grandson of Jonathan Joestar.
Part 3
Stardust Crusaders (スターダストクルセイダース, Sutādasuto Kuruseidāsu?)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volumes 12 to 28. Begins in Japan and involves the main characters traveling across Asia to Egypt. Takes place in the year 1989. The main protagonist is Jotaro Kujo, grandson of Joseph Joestar.
Part 4
Diamond Is Not Crash (ダイヤモンドは砕けない, Daiyamondo wa Kudakenai?)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volumes 29 to 47. Takes place in the fictional Japanese town of Moriō in the year 1999. The main protagonist is Josuke Higashikata, illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar.
Part 5
Vento Aureo (黄金の風, Ōgon no Kaze?)
Le Bizzarre Avventure di GioGio volumes 47 to 63. Takes place in Italy in the year 2001. The main protagonist is Giorno Giovana, son of villain Dio Brando.
Part 6
Stone Ocean (ストーンオーシャン, Sutōn Ōshan?)
Stone Ocean volumes 1 (64) to 17 (80). Takes place in Florida from 2011 to 2012. The main protagonist is Jolyne Kujo, daughter of Jotaro Kujo.
Part 7
Steel Ball Run (スティール・ボール・ラン, Sutīru Bōru Ran?)
Steel Ball Run volumes 1 (81) to 24 (104). Begins in California and involves the main characters traveling across the United States to New York. Takes place in the years 1890 and 1891, in an alternate timeline from the previous parts. The main protagonists are Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli.
Part 8
JoJolion (ジョジョリオン, Jojorion?)
Once again takes place in the fictional Japanese town of Moriō, this time after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, in the same alternate timeline as Part 7. The main protagonist is a man who assumes the name Josuke Higashikata, the same as Part 4's protagonist, although his first name is written with a different kanji, 定助 instead of 仗助.

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