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Zhu Tong - Becoming An Outlaw
... The outlaws come to Zhu Tong and persuade him to join the Liangshan cause ... Li Kui kills the prefect's son and forces Zhu Tong to join Liangshan, in accordance to a plan devised by Liangshan's strategists to make Zhu become part of Liangshan ... Zhu Tong has no choice but to join Liangshan since he will be killed by the prefect if he returns to Cangzhou ...
Lin Chong - Becoming An Outlaw
... Chai Jin recommends Lin Chong to join the outlaws at Liangshan Marsh by writing a letter to Wang Lun, chief of Liangshan ... Wang Lun agrees to let Lin Chong join Liangshan if he can kill a man and present his head in three days time ... Lin Chong is able unable to catch anyone passing by Liangshan on the first two days, but meets Yang Zhi on the third day and fights with him ...

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