Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - Deans of The School

Deans of The School

The official title of the head of the School has changed periodically between Director and Dean throughout the years. Originally the title was Director. In 1931, it was changed to Dean and in 1946 back to Director. In 1958, the title again became Dean. The Deans (Directors) of the Bloomberg School include:

  1. William H. Welch (1916—1927)
  2. William Henry Howell (1927—1931)
  3. Wade Hampton Frost (1931—1934)
  4. Allen W. Freeman (1934—1937)
  5. Lowell Reed (1937—1947)
  6. Ernest L. Stebbins (1947—1967)
  7. John C. Hume (1967—1977)
  8. Donald A. Henderson (1977—1990)
  9. Alfred Sommer (1990—2005)
  10. Michael J. Klag (2005—present)

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