John Toland

John Toland (30 November 1670 – 11 March 1722) was a rationalist philosopher and freethinker, and occasional satirist, who wrote numerous books and pamphlets on political philosophy and philosophy of religion, which are early expressions of the philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment. Born in Ireland, he was educated at the universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leiden and Oxford and was influenced by the philosophy of John Locke.

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John Toland (disambiguation)
... John Toland (1670–1722) was an Enlightenment philosopher ... John Toland may also refer to John Toland (author) (1912–2004), American author and historian known for his biography of Adolf Hitler John Toland (wrestler) or Tank ...
Justin Champion - Selected Publications
... John Toland and the crisis of Christian culture, 1696-1722 (Manchester University Press, 2003) John Toland Nazarenus 1718 (edited) (Oxford Voltaire Foundation, 1999) "Bibliogr ... Impostors and the Politic Origins of Religion English Theories of Imposture from Stubbe to Toland" in RH Popkin, S Berti (eds.) Heterodoxy, Spinozism and Freethought (Klewer, 1996) Europe’s Enlightenment and National ...
John Toland - Influence and Legacy
... Toland was a man not of his time one who advocated principles of virtue in duty, principles that had little place in the England of Robert Walpole, governed by cynicism and ... His intellectual reputation, moreover, was subsequently eclipsed by the likes of John Locke and David Hume, and still more by Montesquieu and the ... Revolution in France" wrote dismissively of Toland and his fellows "Who, born within the last 40 years, has read one word of Collins, and Toland, and Tindal, and Chubb, and Morgan, and that whole ...