John Morony Correctional Complex - Dillwynia Correctional Centre

The Dillwynia Correctional Centre, an Australian medium security facility for female offenders, is located within the complex. Dillwynia was opened in 2004 as the first purpose built female correctional facility in New South Wales and was specially constructed to meet the needs and demands of the increasing female population. The proposal to build Dillwynia had prompted great outcry from women's organisations and led to the Legislative Council inquiry 'The Select Committee on the Increase in Prisoner Population'.

A special program unit is attached to the Centre, called the Greyhounds as Pets Program. This collaborative project between Corrective Services NSW and Greyhound Racing NSW rehabilitates greyhounds for re-housing and offers specialised offender educational opportunities. The Greyhounds as Pets Program is conducted under the supervision of correctional officers who also have access to training and development opportunities related to animal studies.

A Gloria Jean's Coffees shop is included in the visitor area.

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