John Deere House and Shop

The John Deere House and Shop is located in the unincorporated village of Grand Detour, Illinois, near the Lee County city of Dixon. The site is known as the location where the first steel plow was invented by John Deere in 1837. The site includes Deere's house, a replica of his original blacksmith shop, a gift shop, and an archaeological exhibit showing the excavation site of his original blacksmith shop. The Deere House and Shop is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; it joined that list in 1966, the year the Register was established. Prior to that, it was designated a National Historic Landmark on July 19, 1964.

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John Deere House And Shop - Historic Significance
... The John Deere House and Shop is historically significant for its influence in the areas of commerce, agriculture, industry, and invention ... Department of Interior because of the House and Shop's association with John Deere, founder of the John Deere Company and inventor of the first steel plow ... National Register of Historic Places was established in 1966 the John Deere House and Shop was among the first properties to join that list ...

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