John D. Roush - Techniques and Technologies Attributed To Roush - Zero-click Real-time Communication Encryption For Autonomous ECommerce Systems

Zero-click Real-time Communication Encryption For Autonomous ECommerce Systems

Used by more than 500,000 users, as of 2004.

Zero-click real-time communication encryption for autonomous eCommerce systems enable a user to complete a purchase of an electronic document on one autonomous eCommerce vendor, to and receive the document on their desktop computer, seamlessly from another another autonomous system.

Roush was a co-inventor, senior architect, and sole designer of the algorithms and source code of the first system to enable this sort of transaction. The technology involved a uniquely designed, transparently passed, 128-bit encryption cyclic redundancy check (CRC) check-sum.

This algorithm created an MD5 encrypted CRC which includes all eCommerce transaction data, Agent data, and a Public key, is then heterogeneously compiled into a redirector to carry the user and information instantly to the independent (servers have no direct communication) delivery source; which then performs a decryption and check-sum verifications, followed by private key validation, and finally authorizing delivery.

Popular Mechanics/Hearst was the first publication to use his algorithms, through CDS Fulfillment (a third-party fulfillment house) to instantainously deliver said paid-for publication to the user's desktop via

These algorithms are included as a subset of a pending patent for Roush sold a non-exclusive, unlimited usage license to this work for an undisclosed amount.

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