John B. Pierce

John Bartlett Pierce (June 2, 1844 – June 23, 1917) was an American industrialist who founded the American Radiator Company, a forerunner of American Standard.

Pierce was born June 2, 1844, in Embden, Maine. His first business enterprise was a store in Buffalo, New York. Recognizing the potential of steam/boiler heat in the northern United States, he established the Pierce Steam Heating Company, which manufactured and sold steel boilers and cast iron radiators. In 1892 he merged independent manufacturers to form the American Radiator Company, of which he was vice president. In 1929 the company merged with the Standard Sanitary Company to become American Standard, Inc.

Pierce was married twice, but died childless on June 23, 1917. His will left company stock, valued at more than $1 million, to more than 400 friends and employees, and designated additional funds to endow a private foundation. The John B. Pierce Foundation was established in 1924 to promote research, educational, technical or scientific work in the general field of heating, ventilation and sanitation.

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