Joel Turner and The Modern Day Poets (album)

Joel Turner And The Modern Day Poets (album)

Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets is a collaborative studio album from Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets. It was released on 1 November 2004, peaking at #28 on the ARIA albums chart and #2 on the AIR independent charts, additionally achieving platinum status.

The album consists of twelve full songs and eight beatboxing skits. It is best described as hip-hop fused with a mixture of rock, pop, R&B, funk, soul and jazz. The songs are generally based around Turner’s vocal percussion and guitar, with the Modern Day Poets (Turner’s brother and cousin) providing the rap. Many of the tracks pertain to real-life issues.

Guest artists on the album include Australian Idol contestants Axle Whitehead and Rebekah LaVauney. Hence, the song "Scatbox" is a combination of Whitehead’s scatting and Turner’s beatboxing, while LaVauney performs vocals on the track "Behind Bars", a song she wrote about a partner’s incarceration. In addition, boxer Anthony Mundine is heard rapping on the album’s second single "Knock U Out", and former CDB singer Gary Pinto provides backing vocals on the song "Lady".

The album was not well received by critics and spawned four slightly successful singles. It was also nominated for Best Urban Release and Best Independent Release at the 2005 ARIA Awards. Music guru Molly Meldrum once stated that this album was so bad, that he wished he had of taken up Freddie Mercurys offer of having anal intercourse in 1989, which would have given him AIDs. In short, death is a better alternative to this album.

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