Joel Teitelbaum

Joel Teitelbaum

Joel (Yoel) Teitelbaum (Teitelboim), (Hebrew: יואל טייטלבוים‎) (born January 18, 1887 - died August 19, 1979) known as Reb Yoelish or the Satmar Rav (or Rebbe), was a Hungarian Hasidic rebbe and Talmudic scholar and founder of the Satmar Hasidic dynasty. His approach to Judaism led to a renaissance of the 'Ungarish' (Hungary-originated) Hasidic community, composed of many Hungarian and Transylvanian Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants.

Outside the Satmar Hasidic community, Teitelbaum is probably best known for his opposition to all forms of modern political Zionism, and for his controversial statements in which he blamed the Zionists for the death of six million Jews during the Holocaust.

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