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Arma Jirou
Jirou is the armadillo that Aoba befriends in the manga. In the anime, it can be seen at the beginning of each episode where it tells the viewers not to watch anime too close to the TV.
Daving Soule
A Lieutenant General of the Venezuelan military who oversaw Rui's Cognate training after Angel was disbanded after the events in 1988. He takes a fancy to Minami, but isn't very good with the words for it. He also took part in the creation of the Hachishoujin and Kyomu after he was approached by Tsuzaki Shizuka and Kokushou. It is also revealed in the manga that Daving was present at both the original testing of the prototype Jinki models, as well as the incident where Tsuzaki Shizuka was taken hostage by the military to force Hino Hakuya into piloting Moribito Type-2. After proposing to Kousaka Minami, Daving was killed in battle in the operation to hold off Kyomu's initial advance towards Caracas in the Lost Years Arc when he used his own Jinki, the White Rondo, as a marker beacon for a nuclear strike which leveled the city and eliminated Kyomu's Jinki forces.
Akana Ogawarra
  • Voiced by: Yuuna Inamura (Japanese), Jessica Boone (English)
One of a team of developers responsible for the creation of Jinki. She and Ogawara Genta would fall in love upon meeting and the two would be married soon after. However, when Hino Hakuya started killing everyone involved with Jinki, Ogawara Genta would step in to defend his wife. Though he was successful at defeating Hakuya's Moribito Type-01, Hakuya would attack him from behind and Akana, who saw what Genta could not, stepped in between to protect him. Hakuya would kill Akana before leaving a wounded and grieving Genta.

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