Jewish Cossacks

Jewish Cossacks

Of the different branches of Cossacks the only one that documents allowing Jews into their society were the Cossacks of Ukraine. When Poland and Lithuania were merged by King Sigismund Augustus into one commonwealth (in the Union of Lublin of 1569) the provinces of Volhynia, Podilia and the rest of Ukraine were separated from Grand Duchy of Lithuania and came under the direct rule of Poland.

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Jewish Cossacks - Civil War in Russia
... ensued after the Russian Revolution of 1917 many Jews served both in the Red Cossacks (Красное Казачество), cavalry regiments of the Red ... One such regiment of Red Cossacks in the Kotovsky Brigade was commanded by the anarchist Sholom Schwartzbard ... On the other hand, Jewish students also played an important role in the battalion of White Don Cossacks led by Vasily Chernetsov, so that a whole regiment of the battalion was called the “Jewish Legion” ...

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