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Steven R. Smith - Discography
... jones, 2001) lineaments – CD (emperor jones, 2002) kohl – CDr (jewelled antler, 2002), LP (emperor jones, 2005) antimony – CDr (digitalis industries, 2004) crown of marches – CD (catsup plate. 3”CDr (jewelled antler, 2003) hala strana – CD (emperor jones, 2003) fielding – 2xCDr (jewelled antler, 2003), 2xCD (last visible dog, 2004 ...
Feist (singer) - Music Career - Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down)
... Feist's solo debut album, Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down), was released in 1999 ... and "That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean." Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down) was produced by Dan Kurtz who would later form Dragonette ...
Jewelled Gecko
... The jewelled gecko, Naultinus gemmeus, is a species of gecko endemic to the South Island of New Zealand ... There are two main subgroups of jewelled geckos those living in Otago and those living in Canterbury ... Jewelled geckos are often targeted by wildlife smugglers ...
Louise Lovely - Return To Australia
... Twenty were selected to appear in Lovely's next film venture Jewelled Nights (1925), which was written and directed by herself and her husband ... Based on the novel by Marie Bjelke Petersen, Jewelled Nights told the story of a young woman who escaped from an unhappy marriage, instead posing as a young man and finding refuge in a tough mining community, where ... not afford any further independent productions, and thus, Jewelled Nights was her last film ...
Crux Gemmata - History
... embellishment was especially common, and the jewelled cross is a specific type that was represented in paint, mosaic, carved ivory and other media ... In depictions of the cross, such as that in the mosaic in Santa Pudenziana, Rome (384–9), the jewelled cross stands on a hill or mound with a backdrop of a panoramic view representing Jerusalem, with the cross ... The jewelled cross also served as a symbol of the Christian version of the Tree of Life, especially when the arms are shown putting out shoots from their corners ...

Famous quotes containing the word jewelled:

    There is no death! The stars go down
    To rise upon some other shore,
    And bright in heaven’s jewelled crown
    They shine forevermore.
    John Luckey McCreery (1835–1906)