Jeskola Buzz

Jeskola Buzz is a freeware modular software music studio environment designed to run on Microsoft Windows via Microsoft .NET. It is centered around a modular plugin-based machine view and a multiple pattern sequencer tracker (as opposed to a single pattern sequencer tracker).

Buzz consists of a plugin architecture that allows the audio to be routed from one plugin to another in many ways, similar to how cables carry an audio signal between physical pieces of hardware. All aspects of signal synthesis and manipulation are handled entirely by the plugin system. Signal synthesis is performed by "Generators" such as synthesizers, noise generator functions, samplers, and trackers. The signal can then be manipulated further by "Effects" such as distortions, filters, delays, and mastering plugins. Buzz also provides support through adapters to use VST/VSTi, DirectX/DXi, and DirectX Media Objects as Generators and Effects.

A few new classes of plugins do not fall under the normal Generator and Effect types. These include Peer Machines (signal and event automated controllers), Recorders, Wavetable editors, Scripting engines, etc. Buzz signal output also uses a plugin system; the most practical drivers include ASIO, DirectSound, and MME. Buzz supports MIDI both internally and through several enhancements. Some midi features are limited or hacked together such as MIDI clock sync.

The program has created a large community of musicians, and hundreds of machines made by several plugin developers. Some of these developers have gone on to create DirectX and VST plugins. Other developers, who have released commercial DirectX and VST plugins, have released Buzz versions of their plugins. Some developers have been inspired by the application to create "Buzz clones".

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... Jeskola Buzz has proven popular within a range of genres, notably, glitch, IDM, click-house, and other modern electronic genres ... Hunz Andreas Tilliander James Holden, whose early work was produced entirely within Buzz ...

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