Jaynes is a surname, and may refer to

  • Dwight Jaynes, American sports journalist
  • Edwin Thompson Jaynes, American physicist and theorist of probability
  • Jeremy Jaynes, American convicted spammer
  • Julian Jaynes, American psychologist
  • Roderick Jaynes, name used by the Coen brothers

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Maximum Entropy Thermodynamics - Criticisms
... be accepted by the majority of scientists, with mainstream thermodynamicists considering Jaynes' work as an unfounded mathematical contrivance ... Radu Balescu provides a concise but strong criticism of the MaxEnt School and of Jaynes' work ... Balescu states how Jaynes' and coworkers theory is based on a non-transitive evolution law that produces ambiguous results ...
Betty Jaynes
... Betty Jaynes (born February 12, 1921) was a B-movie actress in the late 1930s to mid-1940s ... Jaynes married actor and budding baritone Douglas McPhail during this time, but they divorced soon after ...
Jeremy Jaynes
... Jeremy Jaynes (born 1974) was a prolific e-mail spammer, broadcasting junk e-mail from his home in North Carolina, United States ... the Virginia Supreme Court ruling unanimously the law Jaynes was prosecuted under violated the First Amendment ... Jaynes never served any of his prison sentence for the overturned conviction ...
Dwight Jaynes
... Dwight Jaynes is a journalist and sportswriter in Portland, Oregon ... Jaynes has been highly critical of the management of the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers franchise under the ownership of Paul Allen, particularly over the hiring and performance of Maurice Cheeks as ... Jaynes co-hosted the Morning Sports Page on KXTG 95.5 The Game with Chad Doing and Antonio Harvey until 2011, when he began working full time for Comcast ...