Japanese Mythology in Popular Culture - Wanyūdō


  • A Wanyūdō was famously portrayed by Japanese artist Mizuki Shigeru in his yōkai-themed series GeGeGe no Kitaro.
  • Wanyūdō appeared in The Great Yokai War, a 2005 Takashi Miike film taking inspiration from Mizuki Shigeru's art.
  • A statue featuring various yokai, including Wanyūdō, was built in Sakaiminato in 2006. Sakaiminato is Mizuki Shigeru's hometown.
  • A Wanyūdō who goes by the same name is one of Ai's aides in the anime Hell Girl. He usually appears as an elderly man, but assumes his mythological form when escorting Ai to deliver revenge. Wanyūdō is also the one who becomes the black straw doll whenever revenge is requested.
  • A figure based on Wanyūdō is the first demonic boss in the video game Kenseiden.
  • An enemy bearing a strong resemblance to Wanyūdō is seen in the first Mystical Ninja series game.
  • The second boss of the area Aitos in the SNES game ActRaiser is named "Flame Wheel" and is similar to a Wanyūdō.
  • In the anime Karas, a Wanyūdō (voiced by Paul St. Peter) is converted into a mechanized demon known as a "Mikura". As a nod to his original form of a burning wheel, this Wanyūdō usually takes the form of a blood-red sports car.
  • In the PS2 game Ōkami, a monster called Fire Eye resembles the Wanyudo but instead of a face, it is an eye.
  • In the PS2 game Dororo there are small somewhat common versions and two big boss version of this Yokai.
  • In the Wii game Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Wanyūdō is featured as a boss character.
  • Wanyudo is also the name of a song by Onmyouza.
  • Wanyudo is featured in AdventureQuest Worlds. He is shown with the same description, but with fire on its head and referred to as the Soul Taker.
  • In the Anime Shōnen Onmyouji a Wanyudo makes an appearance in a few episode attached to an ox-cart.

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