Japanese Mythology in Popular Culture - Tsukumogami


  • In the animated movie Hellboy: Sword of Storms, Professor Sakai (possessed by the demons Lightning and Thunder) sends a bunch of malevolent "artifact spirits" after Hellboy's allies Kate Corrigan and Russel Thorne.
  • The Tsukumogami appear in AdventureQuest Worlds. They are found in Yokai Island's junkyard and come in different shapes.
  • In the manga/anime Omamori Himari, Lizlet L. Chelsie is a Tsukumogami whose true body is a teacup. She appears as a busty young girl dressed in a maid's outfit and her human body can withstand stabs from bladed weapons and is capable of superhuman strength. Her main weakness, however, is her true body, as she is symbiotic to it.
  • In the anime Hell Girl, one of Ai's assistants, Ren Ichimoku, is a Tsukumogami whose true form is a katana. He usually appears as a handsome young man dressed in modern clothing, and is also the one who becomes the blue straw doll whenever revenge is requested.

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