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  • Nue (鵺?) is the name of one of the three strongest Tayutai in Lump of Sugar's bishōjo game Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity. Oddly, however, her true form is not a Nue; instead being some sort of mollusc.
  • The Japanese band Kagrra has an album titled Nue, containing the track "Nue no Naku Koro" (鵺の哭く頃?, "When the Nue Cries").
  • The Avex artist Tomiko Van has a song called "Nue no Naku Yoru" (鵺の鳴く夜?, "The Night When the Nue Cries")
  • The Japanese heavy metal band Onmyouza has a song called "Nue" (鵺?).
  • A Nue appears in many of the games in the Megami Tensei series, as a potential fight opponent or ally.
  • A Nue appears at the gate to the King of All Night's Dreaming's castle in Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano's Sandman: The Dream Hunters.
  • Zabimaru, the zanpakutō of Renji Abarai in the manga/anime series Bleach, manifests itself as a Nue.
  • A Nue appears as the boss for the Extra Stage of the twelfth Touhou Project game, Undefined Fantastic Object, and is named Nue Houjuu. This Nue has the ability to conceal her true form, so all descriptions of her are different. The form she's fought in looks like a human that has three red metallic wings and three blue wings similar to tails. This is her true form, and the fact that it's her true form is the reason she attacked the main characters, so they couldn't go out and tell everyone what she looks like. She's also enveloped in a black cloud during a few of her attacks.
  • One of the monsters a player fights in the PlayStation 2 game Genji: Dawn of the Samurai is a Nue. In the English version, it's referred to as a chimera.
  • In the Japanese version of the game Blood Will Tell, Kagemitsu Daigo transforms into a Nue during one of the final battles. However, in the English version, the monster is referred to as a chimera.
  • In the game Breath of Fire III, the first boss is a Nue, which kills villagers to feed its young.
  • Nue is the name of a Mikura (a yōkai turned blood-drinking machine) in the anime/CG 6-part OVA Karas voiced by Jay Hernandez. Unlike the other Mikura, he opposes Eko.
  • Nue is a tiger monster in various Final Fantasy games.
  • In Monsterology: The Complete Book of Fabulous Beasts, the Nue (Chimera japonicus), is depicted as a relatively small and misunderstood creature, whose reputation derives from the foul odor of the fumes in produces from its rear end when threatened.
  • The anime series Mononoke features a two-episode arc, titled "Nue," in which the mononoke is determined to have the form/shape (Katachi) of a Nue. Its appearance does not match the historical description; it instead appears as a human at different ages depending on the observer, which is explained as the reason for the nue's fantastic description—that different observers combined rushed glances of different animals into one creature.
  • A Nue appears in the Super Sentai series Ninja Sentai Kakuranger as a messenger for the head villain, Daimaou. This Nue is humanoid, and thus does not possess a tail. However, he can unleash a giant snake from a tattoo on his shoulder. It was adapted into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the Hate Master.
  • Nue are intelligent and funny looking creatures in the game Chrono Trigger. They look nothing like their traditional counterparts.
  • In the video game Muramasa: The Demon Blade, a Nue is one of the boss characters.
  • In the manga Air Gear, the character Nue is named after these creatures.

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