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  • Azukiarai appeared in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger as a garbage-based monster. It was later adapted into Garbage Mouth in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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The Great Yokai War - Plot
... Nurarihyon and his group leave Kawataro restrains an Ittan-momen while praising Azukiarai, unaware that he only remained behind due to his foot getting numb ... Unfazed, Kato takes the two out as Azukiarai awkwardly arrives and the villain calls Agi to join him ... However, due to Sata's actions, one of Azukiarai's Azuki beans ends up in the mix with Kato, causing a chain reaction of positive emotion that destroys Yomotsumono ...

Azukiarai (小豆洗い, azuki bean washing?), or Azukitogi (小豆とぎ, azuki bean grinding?), is a ghostly phenomenon in Japanese folklore, in which a mysterious noise that sounds like azuki beans being washed or ground is heard. It usually occurs near a river or other body of water. Sometimes the creature or spirit responsible amuses itself by singing "azuki togou ka, hito totte kuou ka? shoki shoki." ("Will I grind my azuki beans, or will I get a person to eat? shoki shoki."), and anyone who approaches will inevitably fall into the water.

While the perpetrator is seldom seen, he is often described as a short-statured man of grotesque appearance with a large balding head, crooked teeth, thin moustache, large bulging yellow eyes, wearing ragged clothes and bent over a pail washing azuki beans. Azukiarai is sometimes blamed on a raccoon dog or weasel.