Japanese Kitchen Knives

There are a number of different types of Japanese kitchen knives. The most commonly used types in the Japanese kitchen are the deba bocho (kitchen cleaver), the santoku hocho (all-purpose utility knife), the nakiri bocho and usuba hocho (Japanese vegetable knives), and the tako hiki and yanagi ba (sashimi slicers).

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Japanese Kitchen Knives - Japanese Cutlery Design and Philosophy
... Unlike western knives, Japanese knives are often single ground, i.e ... As shown in the image, some Japanese knives are angled from both sides, and others are angled only from one side, with the other side of the blade being flat ... ranging from 70–30 for the average chef's knife, to 90–10 for professional sushi chef knives left-handed models are rare and must be specially ordered and custom made ...
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