Japanese Cruiser Abukuma - Service Career - Actions in The South Pacific

Actions in The South Pacific

In January 1942, DesRon1 escorted invasion fleet for Rabaul, New Britain and Kavieng, New Guinea from its new base at Truk in the Caroline Islands.

In early February, DesRon1 accompanied the Carrier Striking Force in an unsuccessful pursuit of Vice Admiral William F. Halsey Jr’s Task Force 8, after the USS Enterprise (CV-6) raided Kwajalein and Wotje in the Marshall Islands. Abukuma was then ordered to Palau, from which it accompanied the Carrier Striking Force on the attack on Port Darwin, Australia.

At the end of February and into April, DesRon1 escorted the Carrier Striking Force in attacks on Java in the Dutch East Indies, and Columbo and Trincomalee in Ceylon and against other targets in the Indian Ocean, including the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Hermes. The fleet returned to Singapore on 11 April 1942.

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