Jane Aronson - Published Work - Original, Peer-reviewed Articles

Original, Peer-reviewed Articles

  • Tottenham, N., Hare, T., Quinn, B., McCarry, T., Nurse, M., Gilhooly, T., Millner, A., Galvan, A., Davidson, M., Eigsti, I.M., Thomas, K.M., Freed, P., Booma, E.S., Gunnar, M., Altemus, M., & Aronson, J., Casey, B.J. Prolonged institutional rearing is associated with atypically larger amygdala volume and difficulties in emotion regulation. Developmental Science. 2008.
  • Schulte J, Maloney S, Aronson J, San Gabriel P, Zhou J, Saiman L. Evaluating acceptability ad completeness of overseas immunization records of internationally adopted children. Pediatrics. 2002; 109 (2); pp e22.
  • Saiman L, Aronson J, Zhou J, Gomez-Duarte C, San Gabriel P, Alonso M, Maloney S, Schulte J. Prevalence of infectious diseases among internationally adopted children. Pediatrics. 2001; 108 (3); 608-612.
  • Aronson J. Medical evaluation and infectious considerations on arrival. Pediatr Ann. 2000; 218-222.
  • Committee on Infectious Diseases. Planning for children whose parents are dying of HIV/AIDS. American Academy of Pediatrics. Committee on Pediatric AIDS, 1998-1999. Pediatrics. 1999; 103 (2): 509-511.
  • Committee on Infectious Diseases and Committee on Pediatric AIDS. Measles immunization in HIV-infected children. AAP Policy. 1999; 103 (5): 1057.
  • Committee on Pediatric AIDS and Infectious Diseases, American Academy of Pediatrics. Issues related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus transmission in schools, child care, medical setting, the home, and community. Pediatrics. 1999, 104(2): 318-324.
  • Aronson J, McSherry G, Hoyt L, Boland M, Oleske J, Connor E, Persaud D, Borkowsky W, Krasinski K, Bakshi S, Pitt J, Gershon A. Varicella does not appear to be a cofactor for human immundefiency virus infection in children. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. 1992; 11:1004-8

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