Jane Alpert - Growing Up Underground (1981)

Growing Up Underground (1981)

Jane Alpert wrote Growing up Underground in 1981. Her book is a confessional memoir where she writes about her experiences as a political activist. Alpert wrote the book to set the record straight about her personal role in the bombings of buildings in New York City in 1969 and her life underground in the early 1970s. Alpert explains what happened in 1969 and how she got involved in the Weather Underground Organization. She writes about her misunderstood childhood and her account of her life underground. She was supported by her family and friends financially while she lived underground. Mary Moylan wrote a critique of Alpert’s book that was published in Jonah Raskin’s book, “The Weather Eye” Communiqués from the Weather Underground. (1974 Murray Kempton also wrote a critical review of Alpert’s book for The New York Review of Books.

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