Janakpuri - Markets


All the blocks of Janakpuri have at least one shopping center. Traditionally, the more popular markets in Janakpuri have been the C-4-E market and the B-1 super market. Lately, "The District Center" (near the B-1 periphery and Janakpuri West Metro Station) with its cinema multiplex, (multi-storeyed shopping-cum-office complexes, restaurants, book shops, fast-food outlets, gift stores, brand showrooms and a 5-star Hotel Hilton has emerged to become a prominent commercial hub in West Delhi. Dilli Haat is now under construction in C-Block behind the Hari Nagar Depot.

Janakpuri hosts weekly produce markets at various locations each day of the week. On Wednesdays the weekly market is located on the road between A1 and A2 Blocks. The Friday market is between B1 and B3 Block, Saturday market is on the C4 Block road. Sunday Market in on the D-Block Road. "Chhoti Sabzi Mandi" in B-Block is a big one-stop market for purchasing milk products, fruits and vegetables etc. whereas Possangi Pur market near district-center is famous for buying things of everyday uses at whole-sale rates.

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