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Jamie is born to Des (Paul Keane) and Daphne Clarke (Elaine Smith) in July 1987. Shortly after his birth, Jamie suffers breathing problems, but recovers. Daphne dies several months before Jamie's first birthday and Des is forced to raise him alone. When Jamie wanders off one day at a supermarket, Des is frantic with worry but luckily Bronwyn Davies (Rachel Friend) returns Jamie to him safely. Bronwyn then becomes Jamie's nanny. Jamie causes Des more worry in several incidents including swallowing a toy drumstick and nearly drowning. When Des meets Fiona, they become engaged and he and Jamie leave Erinsborough. Some years later, Des' marriage to Fiona breaks down and he and Jamie move to Adelaide. Des suffers a breakdown and is admitted to hospital and Jamie is put into care.

After bullying from some older boys, Jamie, now 16, flees and returns to Erinsborough. Stuart Parker (Blair McDonough) befriends Jamie after catching him trying to steal from the caravan park where he is staying. Stuart introduces Jamie to Karl and Susan Kennedy who are now living in Jamie's old home and they tell him they have been trying to contact him regarding shares Daphne had left for him under the linoleum years before. Jamie confirms his identity and Karl explains that Jamie will only be able to claim them with Des' consent. Jamie goes cold on the idea after his father is mentioned and leaves the shares with the Kennedys.

Jamie finds Stuart's picture on the front of the Erinsborough News labelling him the ring-leader of Life Mechanics, a scam perpetrated by Jonathan Verne (Oscar Redding). Jamie accuses him of using him to get his hands on his shares and refuses to have anything to do with him. Stuart explains the truth of the matter and he and Jamie reconcile. Stuart takes Jamie to meet Harold Bishop (Ian Smith), a friend of Des and Daphne's. Harold arranges via a contact at the Salvation Army to get in touch with Des and is successful. Jamie is happy and agrees to return to his father in Adelaide.

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