James Horton (Highlander)

James Horton (Highlander)

James Horton is a fictional character from Highlander: The Series, portrayed by actor Peter Hudson. A mortal Watcher, he is protagonist Duncan MacLeod's archenemy and fellow Watcher Joe Dawson's brother-in-law.

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James Horton (Highlander) - Reception
... Reviewer Kathie Huddleston of Scifi.com wrote that "Hortons silly plots to get Duncan, first joining with St ... trick to immobilize Mac long enough for Hortonto take a sword to him." Reviewer Abbie Bernstein of Audio Video Revolution thought that "Avatar" "makes excellent use of guest actor Peter Hudson as Ahriman, who’s ... after all, it turns out that Duncan is the only one who can stop Hortons mad plans and Highlandergets an ongoing villain." ...

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