James Hogan (guitarist)

James Hogan (born March, 1974) is a guitarist from Florida who has worked with the bands Left For Dead, and with Matt Mercado's Pivotman. He also worked briefly with death metal pioneer Chuck Schuldiner of Death (band) in the mid-90's.

Hogan is also revered studio guitarist who is fluent in many styles of music. His touring and recording credits are extensive, and diverse. Along with metal legend Schuldiner and Mercado, Hogan has also worked with renowned jazz pianist Dave Brubeck and r&b legend Chaka Khan. Hogan also toured in 2007 with the official band of NASCAR. He is also a music pedagogist who teaches for the National Guitar Workshop, and at a Florida college. James Hogan has a self produced instrumental jazz/rock fusion album entitled True Diversity. It was the #1 selling jazz disc of 2006 distributed by Guitar 9 Records. James Hogan is also an endorsee of Parker Guitars, Daddario Strings and Xotic Effects.

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