Jacobian System

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Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Implementation Considerations - Projective Coordinates
... Fortunately, points on a curve can be represented in different coordinate systems which do not require an inversion operation to add two points ... Several such systems were proposed in the projective system each point is represented by three coordinates using the following relation, in the Jacobian system a point ... P1363-2000 standard uses "projective coordinates" to refer to what is commonly called Jacobian coordinates ...

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    The system was breaking down. The one who had wandered alone past so many happenings and events began to feel, backing up along the primal vein that led to his center, the beginning of hiccup that would, if left to gather, explode the center to the extremities of life, the suburbs through which one makes one’s way to where the country is.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)