Jaap Sahib - Summary - 161. Madhubhaar Style of Verses, By Thy Grace

161. Madhubhaar Style of Verses, By Thy Grace

161. O Lord, In their minds sages bow to Thee For thou art the Fount of all virtues, Even the mightiest enemy cannot harm Thee For Thou art the ultimate Annihilator.

162. O Lord, Countless people bow to Thee in worship, Even the sages do obeisance to Thee in their minds, For Thou art immortal and imperishable, Ever Supreme and Self created.

163. O Lord, Intuitively experienced, Thou art immortal, In the minds of the sages, Thou art the Light, Multitudes of virtuous people bow to Thee, Thou art the Master of land and sea.

164. O Lord, Inviolate is Thy person, Unassailable is Thy Throne, Incomparable is Thy glory, Vast is Thy measure.

165. O Lord, Established by Thine own power on land and sea, Beyond criticism extends Thy glory in all directions, Mighty Master of all lands and seas, Limitless is Thy spread in all directions.

166. O Lord, Intuitively experienced and Indestructible, Thou art the Centre and Support of the universe, Of long and mighty arms and reach, Thou art ever One and only One

167. O Lord, Onkar is Thy primal manifestation, Truly Thou hast no beginning, Thy contemplation destroyeth evil, Supreme Master, Thou art Immortal.

168. O Lord, Thou art worshipped in all homes, Thy Name is recited with contemplation of Thy lotus feet, Imperishable is Thy existence, Nothing is weak or dependent in Thee.

169. O Lord, Beyond involvement in the strife of the world, Thou art ever without anger, Inexhaustible is Thy treasure, Beyond limit and self created.

170. O Lord, Subtle and unique are Thy laws, Mighty and resolute are Thy deeds, Inviolate and infinite is Thy existence, Great and generous is Thy bounty..

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