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Learning the drums and guitar, J.B. formed his first band The Bad Habits in 1993. An old-school punk sound, rooted in influences like The Misfits, FEAR, Black Flag, and Motörhead, the Bad Habits made an infamous name for themselves in the central east coast. The band broke up in 1996, and later that year, a much-too-late live compilation EP was released on Green Tree's Records called "Live For Some Beer Money".

With the Bad Habits gone, Beverley drifted around for over a year. Working odd jobs and traveling by bus and freight train, J.B. began writing old time country blues songs and busking on various street corners to get by. He soon began commuting between the Washington DC area and New York City in 1998 when he became the front-man for The Murder Junkies, former band of the late GG Allin.

In 1999, after some legal issues, J.B. spent several months in Florida compiling his country blues songs, and re-learning some old standards. He emerged back in the DC area later that year with his honky-tonk outfit The Wayward Drifters, and subsequently began touring locally and regionally with the band.

In the fall of 2002, J.B. formed another punk rock band in the same vein as the Bad Habits called The Little White Pills. Reminiscent of the Bad Habits, the Little White Pills were a heavier, more refined band, with a rough edge and some mature playing. The Little White Pills released a self-produced CD in 2003 called "Live At The Velvet Lounge", and did a summer tour that year, and a couple of weekenders the next year.

In 2004, J.B. rejoined the Murder Junkies for two tours, and the Wayward Drifters released a self-produced CD entitled Highball. J.B. also found time to record some local projects and work on new material for all of his respective bands, In 2005, the Wayward Drifters launched a spring tour called "The American Highball Tour", and spent most of the summer touring with friend Hank Williams III. J.B. and the Wayward Drifters have been touring non-stop (both regionally and nationally).

A follow-on album, Watch America Roll By was released in 2009. In the meantime, J.B. has been working on a long-awaited metal side project called GHOSTDANCE.

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