Józef Piotrowski (organist)

Józef Piotrowski (allegedly born September 7, 1887) claims to be the oldest living Pole. His age, however, has not been authenticated by a reliable authority on longevity such as Guinness World Records or the Gerontology Research Group.

He was born in Jałówka near Białystok, which was part of the Russian Empire at the time (Grodno guberniya, Volkovysk district). His birth certificate is in the possession of the Franciscans in Svisloch (currently part of Belarus). His passion and profession is playing the organ; he has been an organist for most of his life, having pursued his interest since 1905.

His way to longevity is through frequent prayer and consumption of cabbage in all forms. He never smoked cigarettes, and drank alcohol rarely. In addition, he advises moderation in all parts of life.

Whether Piotrowski is still alive is unknown as there has been no update on him since September 2005, when he celebrated his alleged 118th birthday.