Italian Socialists - Leadership


  • Secretary: Enrico Boselli (1994–1998)
    • Deputy-Secretary: Roberto Villetti (1994–1998)
  • President: Gino Giugni (1994–1996), Ottaviano Del Turco (1996–1998)
Historical political parties in Italy
  • Communist Party of Italy
  • Italian Communist Party
  • Proletarian Unity Party
  • Proletarian Democracy
  • Movement of Unitarian Communists
  • Movement for the Left
Socialist and social-democratic
  • Italian Revolutionary Socialist Party
  • Italian Labour Party
  • Italian Socialist Party
  • Independent Socialist Party
  • Italian Reform Socialist Party
  • United Socialist Party (1922)
  • Labour Democratic Party
  • Social Christian Party
  • United Socialist Party (1949)
  • Italian Democratic Socialist Party
  • Unified PSI–PSDI
  • Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity
  • Socialist Rebirth
  • Reformists for Europe
  • Reform Socialist Party
  • Democratic Party of the Left
  • Democrats of the Left
  • Socialist Party (1996)
  • Socialist League
  • Italian Socialists
  • Italian Democratic Socialists
  • Labour Federation
  • The Italian Socialists
  • Democratic Left
  • Green Lists
  • Rainbow Greens
  • Radical Party (1877)
  • Constitutional Democratic Party
  • Democratic Liberal Party
  • Reform Democratic Party
  • Italian Social Democratic Party
  • Italian Republican Party
  • Party of Italian Peasants
  • Action Party
  • Republican Democratic Concentration
  • Community Movement
  • Radical Party (1955)
  • Democratic Alliance
  • Democratic Union
  • Movement for Democracy – The Net
  • The Democrats
  • Democratic Republicans
  • Radicals of the Left
  • European Republicans Movement
  • Patto Segni
  • Italian Renewal
  • United Consumers
  • Southern Democratic Party
  • Italian Democratic Movement
  • Middle-of-the-Road Italy
  • Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy
  • Italian People's Party (1919)
  • Christian Democracy
  • Italian People's Party (1994)
  • Christian Democratic Centre
  • United Christian Democrats
  • Christian Democrats for the Republic
  • Democratic Union for the Republic
  • European Democracy
  • Italy of the Centre
  • Italian Liberal Party
  • Italian Unionist Movement
  • National Democratic Alliance
  • Union of the Centre
  • Forza Italia
  • Liberal Party
  • Italian Liberal Right
  • Party of Combatants
  • Economic Party
  • Front of the Ordinary Man
  • Monarchist National Party
  • People's Monarchist Party
  • Italian Democratic Party of Monarchist Unity
  • National Democracy
  • National Alliance
  • National Fascist Party
  • Republican Fascist Party
  • Italian Social Movement
  • National Front
  • National Social Front
  • National Vanguard
  • Italian Nationalist Association
  • Federalist Party
  • Federalists and Liberal Democrats
  • Federalist Italian League
Coalitions of parties
Leftist coalitions
  • Popular Democratic Front
  • Alliance of Progressives
  • Together with the Union
  • The Left – The Rainbow
  • Anticapitalist List
Centre-left coalitions
  • Socialist Unity
  • The Olive Tree
  • The Sunflower
  • Socialists United for Europe
  • The Union
  • Rose in the Fist
Centre-right coalitions
  • National Democratic Union
  • National Bloc
  • Pole of Freedoms
  • Pole of Good Government
  • Pole for Freedoms
  • Whiteflower
  • House of Freedoms
  • Republicans, Liberals, Reformers
  • Pole of Autonomy
  • New Pole for Italy
Neo-fascist coalitions Social Alternative
  • Politics of Italy
  • List of political parties in Italy
  • Current parties

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