Italian Immigration To Mexico

Italian Immigration To Mexico

An Italian-Mexican or Italo-Mexican (Italian: italo-messicano, Spanish: ítalo-mexicano) is a Mexican citizen of Italian descent or origin. Most people of Italian ancestry living in Mexico arrived in the late 19th century, and have become generally assimilated into mainstream society.

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Italian Immigration To Mexico - Notable Italo-Mexicans
... Manuel María Lombardini, Mexican general and politician and 21st President of Mexico ... team Caesar Cardini, inventor of Caesar salad Sasha Montenegro, Mexican-Italian born actress ... artist to Mexican parent of Italian descent ...

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    I was interested to see how a pioneer lived on this side of the country. His life is in some respects more adventurous than that of his brother in the West; for he contends with winter as well as the wilderness, and there is a greater interval of time at least between him and the army which is to follow. Here immigration is a tide which may ebb when it has swept away the pines; there it is not a tide, but an inundation, and roads and other improvements come steadily rushing after.
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