Israel Export Institute

Israel Export Institute

The Israel Export Institute is an Israeli governmental agency which operates under the Ministry of Trade and Labor to facilitate trade opportunities, joint ventures, and strategic alliances between international businesses and Israeli companies.

Established in 1958, the Institute is a non-profit organization which promotes Israel's industrial capabilities through business cooperation on all levels. With over 2,600 member companies, which together produces over ninety percent of Israel's industrial exports (excluding defense exports and diamonds), the IEI introduces companies in North America, Europe, the Middle-East and the Far East to Israeli companies operating in various fields of interest, and provides assistance and information on the Israeli economy, development and market prospects.

The Israel Export Institute coordinates exhibitions and conferences both in Israel and abroad and provides an on-line database of Israeli exporting companies. The Institute is presently supervised by Avi Hefetz, who serves as the Director General. The chairman is Ami Arel, and the director of International Projects, Tenders and Automotive Development is Uri Pachter.

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