Iso Speed

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APEX System - APEX in Practice
... markings for aperture and shutter speed required to set the computed exposure were never incorporated in consumer cameras ... and Leica cameras use 'Av' and 'Tv' to indicate relative aperture and shutter speed as well as to symbolize aperture priority and shutter priority modes ... Some Pentax DSLRs even provide a 'TAv' exposure mode to automatically set the ISO speed depending on the desired aperture and shutter settings, and 'Sv' (f ...
List Of Digital Camera Modes - Manual-enabled Modes
... There are three exposure parameters – aperture, time (shutter speed), and sensitivity (ISO), and in different modes these are each set automatically or manually this gives 23 = 8 possible modes ... Most often, ISO is considered separately, being either set manually or set to Auto ISO, and then only aperture and shutter speed need be determined – either determines the other ... modes, sometimes abbreviated "PASM", are P Program mode has the camera calculate both shutter speed and aperture (given a manually or automatically selected ISO) ...

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