Iskandar Muda

Iskandar Muda (1583? – December 27, 1636) was the twelfth Sultan of Aceh, under whom the sultanate achieved its greatest territorial extent, and was the strongest power and wealthiest state in the western Indonesian archipelago and the Strait of Malacca. "Iskandar Muda" literally means "young Alexander," and his conquests were often compared to those of Alexander the Great. In addition to his notable conquests, during his tenure Aceh became known as an international center of Islamic learning and trade.

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Taj Ul-Alam
... She was the daughter of the sultan Iskandar Muda and the wife of his successor, Iskandar Thani, who became sultan upon the death of her husband ... thanks to the efforts of the Acehnese nobility to weaken royal power following Iskandar Muda's administrative reforms aimed to undermine them ... outlying districts (the uleëbalang set up by Iskandar Muda) and the religious leaders (imam or ulama) ...
Iskandar Muda - Legacy
... Among the Acehnese, Iskandar Muda is revered as a hero and symbol of Aceh’s past greatness ... Aceh named after him, including the Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport and Sultan Iskandar Muda Air Force Base ... Kodam Iskandar Muda is the name of the military area commands overseeing Aceh Province ...