Irving Tissue

Irving Tissue Company Limited is a tissue products producing company, owned by J.D. Irving Limited. It has manufacturing locations in both Canada and the United States.

Irving Tissue was started in 1988 in Saint John, New Brunswick after J.D. Irving acquired a tissue paper mill from Kimberly-Clark in the city's west side (adjacent to Irving Pulp and Paper). Irving began producing tissue for a new subsidiary that was sold under the marketing name Majesta.

In 1990, J.D. Irving opened a tissue converting plant for Majesta in Dieppe, New Brunswick that would make use of the tissue produced in Saint John. Irving also begins producing private label tissue products.

In 1996, Irving acquired another tissue paper mill from Kimberly-Clark as well as a tissue converting plant, both located in Fort Edward, New York. Part of this acquisition saw Irving Tissue receive the right to market its products under the Scotties Facial Tissue brand in the United States.

On January 18, 2001, J.D. Irving acquired a tissue production and converting plant on Weston Road in Toronto, Ontario from Procter & Gamble. This acquisition saw Irving Tissue receive the right to the Royale brand in Canada.

Currently, Irving Tissue manufactures products under the Majesta and Royale brands in Canada and the Scotties and SoftWeve brands in the United States.

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