Iron Crown

Iron Crown can refer to:

  • Iron Crown Enterprises, a roleplaying game publisher
  • Iron Crown of Lombardy, also used for the Napoleonic kingdom of Italy
  • Order of the Iron Crown, an order associated with the Iron Crown of Lombardy
  • Iron Crown (ship), an Australian merchant vessel sunk by a Japanese submarine during World war II.
  • the crown of Morgoth in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth

Other articles related to "iron crown, iron, crown":

Adaptations Of The Hobbit - Games and Toys - Board, War and Role-playing Games
... Iron Crown Enterprises has produced several games based on The Hobbit Coleman Charlon designed The Lonely Mountain (released in 1985), which features groups of adventurers entering Smaug's Lair to capture his ... Also in 1985, Iron Crown Enterprises released its version of The Battle of Five Armies, developed by Richard H ... The Hobbit Adventure Boardgame was the last game from Iron Crown based directly on The Hobbit ...
Order Of The Iron Crown
... The Imperial Order of the Iron Crown was established June 5, 1805 by Napoleon Bonaparte (under his title of King Napoleon I of Italy) ... It took its name from the ancient Iron Crown of Lombardy, a medieval jewel with an iron ring, forged from what was supposed to be a nail from the True Cross as a band on the inside ... This crown also gave its name to the Italian Order of the Crown ...
Shadow World - Development History
... The first book to be set in Shadow World was The Iron Wind adventure setting, published in 1980 as a game setting for Iron Crown Enterprises's Rolemaster fantasy game system ... Iron Crown also published Vog Mur and The Cloudlords of Tanara as standalone settings before the 1989 publication of the Shadow World World Atlas First Edition placed those settings in ... Iron Crown went on to publish several more supplements before the rights to the property reverted to author Terry Amthor ...
Order Of The Crown Of Italy - Insignia
... The obverse central disc featured the Iron Crown of Lombardy (as appeared on the Austrian Order of the Iron Crown) on a blue enamel backbround ... was an eight-pointed faceted silver star the central disc featured the Iron Crown on a blue enamelled background, surrounded by a white enamel ring bearing the inscription (Victor Emmanuel II ...

Famous quotes containing the words crown and/or iron:

    To be a king and wear a crown is more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasure to them that bear it.
    Elizabeth I (1533–1603)

    Summer involves going down as a steep flight of steps
    To a narrow ledge over the water. Is this it, then,
    This iron comfort, these reasonable taboos,
    Or did you mean it when you stopped? And the face
    Resembles yours, the one reflected in the water.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)